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The story of

How it All Began

Embroidered Flowers
Embroidered Flowers

Once upon a time, our environment committee had a meeting and decided that they should help save the bees. The question was, how? One attendee of the meeting suggested that the former secretary of the environment committee (pictured above) should go out, buy a bag of bees, and set them free on the nearby community gardens. But the secretary said, “If I do that, they’ll all just fly away! What we need is a beehive!” So, the committee voted unanimously for the secretary to set up a beehive. Since she didn’t really know anything about bees other than that they had stripes, the secretary took a night school course in beekeeping and “bee-friended" a local beekeeper. After taking the course and getting some on-the-job training with the beekeeper, the secretary was finally able to set up the long-awaited beehive, and henceforth became known as "Girl Beekeeper". The bees who lived in the hive were very grateful for having such a nice place to live. After all, they didn’t have far to fly to collect the sweet nectar and pollen from the nearby community gardens, and they were well-loved by all the gardeners and by everyone else who came around. The bees have since retired to a local pasture, where they continue to pollinate nearby wildflowers and bring pleasure to their beekeepers.


Inspired by this story, is an online store that offers first-rate products and exceptional customer service to interested buyers. We make it our business to try to help save the natural environment, one product at a time.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

- Margaret Mead

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