Image by Olga Subach

EASY TO USE - All 4 tools are all small in size and easy to carry, making the beekeeper's job much easier.

GREAT STARTER KIT - This 4-piece set is a great starting point for a beginning beekeeper. It includes a smoker, a hive tool, a bee brush, and an uncapping tool.



Smoke is known to have a calming effect on honeybees, and using this smoker will do just that.
Height: 11 ins (28.5 cm)
Width: 7 ins (18.3 cm)
Smoke chamber diameter: 4 1/8 ins (11 cm)
Handy hook. Round mouth. Long lasting bellows made from durable leather. Safety guard to avoid burns. Includes perforated breather plate and bellows clip.


Hive tool:

Hive tools are handy gadgets that are a must for any beekeeper's equipment inventory. Hive tools are needed for prying out frames and scraping away/cleaning off excess honeycomb. Ours also has a nail-pulling hole, in case you need to perform a simple hive repair on the job. 
Length: 10 ins (25.5cm)
Width: 1 1/2 ins (4cm)
Colour: As shown

Bee Brush:

Bee brushes are made with long, soft bristles which are gentle enough for brushing bees off of delicate honeycombs and firm enough to remove bees from hive equipment or the beekeeper. When used properly, a bee brush will not injure your bees.
Total Length : 15 3/4 ins (40.5cm)
Length of bristle section: 8 ins (21cm)
Bristle width: 2 1/2ins (6.5cm)

Uncapping Tool:

This is the preferred uncapping tool of many hobbyist beekeepers. In fact, it's the exact same one we use. (Ours even has a red handle). It's an excellent hand tool for opening the cells of the honeycomb to let the honey out, just prior to extracting. A must in every honey house.

Note: This set only includes the 4 pieces shown. No substitutions are available. The colors of the items pictured may be slightly different than in real life, and measurement error may be +/- .39 to 1.18 ins (1 to 3cm).


Beekeeping Tools (Set of 4)