Image by Olga Subach

A beekeeping suit is a protective garment that is worn by people who work with bees. This white unisex beekeeping suit is a necessity for any bee enthusiast. 



Made of high quality cotton blend, the suit protects against bee stings. The suit is machine washable once the zippered hood has been removed. The hood is hand-washable. 

Elasticized Cuffs
Elasticized cuffs prevent bees from entering the suit via the wrist and ankle areas.

Detachable Hood
The detachable hood has sewn-in wire supports that will keep bees well away from your face. It gives good visibility, and you can remove it at your discretion. 


Velcro Fastener
A velcro patch has been located where the hood and bee suit zippers meet. This is to prevent bees from entering the suit at the intersection of the zippers. 

The bee suit is dual-purpose in that once the hood has been removed, it can be used as a set of coveralls. There are two ample-sized pockets in the pants, that let you bring along most things you'll need to do the job. 



You should have some room to move around in your bee suit, since there’s a lot of bending and moving around in beekeeping and you don’t want your movements to be restricted. The following sizes are available:


Large (L): Fits most people 5'5" - 5'9" (or 165-175cm), 135-165lb

Extra Large (XL): Fits most people 5'8" - 6'1" (or 173-185cm), 155-200lb

Extra Extra Large (2XL): Fits most people 6'0" - 6'5" (or 183-196cm), 200-250lb


Price varies by size. 



Hooded Beekeeping Suit