Image by Olga Subach

In the past when you were using disposable plastic cling wrap, have you ever thought about whether there was a better way, that could promote zero waste in the landfills? Considering biodegradation, reusability, and practicality, our beeswax food wraps are made up of organic cotton, beeswax, jojoba oil, and natural resins. You get 3 beautiful beeswax wraps in one package --- 1 Small (17.5*20 cm), 1 Medium (25*27.7 cm) and 1 Large (32.6*35.6 cm). If these are not the sizes you need, each piece can easily be cut down to size.  

  • KEEP FOOD HEALTHY AND TASTY - Beeswax food wrap has ANTIBACTERIAL properties for food safety and sustainability. These food wraps preserve food by allowing it to breathe. They keep food fresh while still looking fancy. We love food not only because of how it tastes but also because of how it looks.
  • HOW TO USE - These beeswax wraps will be a little sticky prior to first use. Please use the heat of your hands to activate them to ensure that they adhere properly, and then wrap them around bread, cheese, nuts, fruits, snacks, bowls, and jars. With these beeswax food wraps, you can store your food in the fridge or take it out to school, the office, camping, to picnics, to BBQs, and anywhere else you may go. 
  • IMPORTANT TIPS - These beeswax food covers should be washed in cool water, air dried, and kept away from heat sources such as hot water, the