Image by Olga Subach

Let us introduce you to THE COZY COUCH SAVER... A king-sized version of Lane's Pet Cozy that fits easily over two cushions of your couch. It also rolls up conveniently to take along in the camper or in the back of your vehicle. This triple-thick portable resting spot will make that long car-ride comfortable for your pet, making the journey feel 'just like home'. Easy-care: Simply wash in cold water and lay flat to dry. Please be advised that this large size is "Special Order", taking Lane about 10 days to complete. Since Cozy Couch Savers are all made from recycled yarn, Lane will use her considerable artistic talents to try to match the colours pleasingly, but generally the colours are a mixed garden-variety. Order your COZY COUCH SAVER today. Your pet will love you for it! 


Size: Approximately 24 X 46 inches. Package includes 1 Cozy Couch Saver.

Cozy Couch Savers (24 x 46 inches)