Image by Olga Subach

Picture this: You're out in the garden and you see a sunbeam bounce off iridescent feathers, reflecting color as brilliant as any jewel. You blink - there's a flash of emerald green and a flurry of wings that make the faintest hum. The thumb-sized jewel pauses in mid-air and then plunges head-first down into a flower. It emerges covered in pollen and quite content. What is it? A hummingbird! These tiny creatures are a bridge between the insect and bird world and are very important pollinators. Carry one with you wherever you go. Check out our beautiful rhinestone/zinc alloy hummingbird brooch today.


Dimensions: 5.7cm high x 5.2cm wide


Package includes; 1 hummingbird brooch.

Hummingbird Brooch