Image by Olga Subach

This dog wheelchair can be adjusted in height, width, and length. Check the sizing chart and measure your pet to make sure this is the right size for your dog. The dog can still go to the bathroom comfortably in this rear harness. This cart is good for any large dog with a condition that results in rear leg pain or weakness.

2 Wheels wheelchair can help the Handicapped pet walk, but not for the pet with a waist injury. Your pet should have normal front leg strength to use this cart.



Sturdy design and materials

Easily and fully adjustable

Lightweight aluminum frame

Stainless steel hardware



Wheelchair Width Range: (20-23cm / 7.9-9.1inch

Wheelchair Height Range(32-41.5cm/ 12.60-16.34nch)

Wheelchair Lenghth Range(46-49/18.1-19.3inch

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