Image by Olga Subach

One thing that people may not know about Lane (our Coffee Shop Writer) is that she loves pets. Hence, she has turned her considerable talent in crocheting towards creating "Pet Cozies", to keep your fur babies snuggly and warm. Lane is continually on the search for a variety of good quality, mellow-colored yarns that are no longer in use... things like hand knits, thick scarves, afghans, and so on. Once unravelled, laundered, and rolled into balls, these blends of yarn take on a new journey. Unless otherwise indicated, Lane's Pet Cozies are approximately 24 x 32 inches in size and have become very popular with pet owners. A larger size (26 x 40 inches) is available via special order at additional cost for those larger snugglers. (Just email us at with "SPECIAL ORDER" in the subject line to special order). Pet Cozies are great around the house, protecting couches, chairs and beds while keeping your fur baby nice and warm. All come in a blend of soft colours as chosen by Lane according to availability. Lovingly crafted from repurposed yarn, they're triple-thick and easy to care for. Just wash in cool water and lay flat to dry. 


Shipping and handling included. Photo props and cats not included.

Package includes 1 Pet Cozy. 

Pet Cozies (24 x 32 inches)