Image by Olga Subach

What's inside a beehive? Many people don't know. Each bee box usually contains 9 or 10 of the frames pictured here, depending on the beekeeper's preference. The reason for using only nine frames in the honey supers is that, given the extra space, the bees will build their honeycombs slightly wider. These wider combs hold more honey. The 49 x 23.5cm wood and wire frame pictured here is listed as "semi-complete", since it still needs a foundation upon which the bees can build their honeycomb. Fortunately, we also sell beeswax foundation here (We don't sell plastic beecause it isn't eco-friendly). Please click on the video link below to learn how to embed beeswax foundation onto the frames, making them ready for use:  CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO


Package includes *1 semi-complete wooden frame.

Semi-Complete Beehive Frame (49 x 23.5cm)