Image by Olga Subach

Back in the olden days, wax seals served as a stamp of authenticity, just as a signature is thought of today. Another common use of the seal way back when was for proclamations of love. True words of love were secretly written on paper and placed in an envelope. The envelope’s contents were then secured with a wax seal, so that the recipient could be certain that their passion would remain a secret from prying eyes. A broken seal implied broken trust. No person of integrity would tamper with a wax seal. Fast forward to present day. Seals and sealing wax have experienced a resurgence of popularity. Have you ever been interested in having your own wax seal? If so, our Wax Seal Starter Kit may be just what you need. 


Material: Gold-plated brass stamp head & wood handle
Size: Stamp head + handle length is 90mm/3.54", Stamp diameter: 25mm/0.98"
Style: English Alphabet
English Letters: A-Z

1. Due to the different monitor and light effects, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from that pictured. Thanks in advance for understanding.
Package includes:
1 X Sealing Wax Stamp
3 X Sealing Wax Sticks
2 X Candles
1 X Spoon
1 X Packing Box 

Wax Seal Starter Kit